U·CANN™ is the latest product innovation by Gaia Green, which is internationally recognized for its unwavering commitment to producing the highest quality organic fertility products.  Over the last three decades, this Canadian company has pioneered the development of numerous organic production models, including systems specifically for medicinal and recreational cannabis. We have combined our best ingredients and technologies, creating the finest organic cannabis grow system.  

U·CANN™ has raised the bar in professional organic cannabis production. All three U·CANN™ components are complex formulations of ethically sourced, organic ingredients specifically developed to meet the unique requirements of cannabis. Whether you choose to grow indoor, outdoor or in a green house, the U·CANN™ system is designed to make adding fertility simple and cost effective.

We understand that your bottom line is essential, so we support you in maximizing yields of high quality organic cannabis. U·CANN™ Primal Earth™, Herb Thrive™ and Abundant Bloom™ provide essential complex nutrients at every stage of plant growth.  U·CANN™ has been tested by acclaimed cannabis producers who readily declare that plants grown using U·CANN™ nutrients outperform in every possible way.

At Gaia Green, we understand the complex nutrient requirements of the cannabis plant, and the need to maximize growth and yield, while being cost effective.  U·CANN™ formulations are designed to improve performance, while helping to protect against common diseases, such as mildews and molds.  Every ingredient in our products has been carefully considered, to maximize yield, plant vitality, and return on your investment.  U·CANN™ allows your cannabis plants to absorb exactly what they need, when they need it, and to express the traits of each specific variety so you get exactly what you require as a producer.

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